Click on "Sight Tape" in the left menu below you profile picture to start making sight tapes. 






New screen will appear with a table, where you will be able to see the Sigh Tape you have already created. Your status tells you what kind of tape you already use. If you click on the delete sigh (X), you can erease the sight tape you do not not currently use. You can also click on magnifying glass to edit your sight tape.

As long as you have not created any sight tape, the table is empty. Click on "Add new sight tape" to start creating a new sight tape.



Step 1: Choose Equipment 

In the pop-up menu, your current equipment will appear. In case you use more than one equipment, you can expand dropdown box by clicking on the "expand sign". Choose the equipment, for which you would like to create sight tape (bow, sight, arrows). If you want to create a sight tape for equipment, you have not yet added to your profile, you can do so through the link "Edit my bow setup" and "Edit my arrow setup".

You can also choose the metric or english measure system for your sight tape.

If you have already chosen all information needed, click on "Next". 



Step 2: Bow & Sight Setup 

 In the columns "Peep To Sight" and "Peep To Arrow", you indicate the following distances: 

Peep To Sight:     the exact distance from the centre of the peep to the glass scope 

Peep To Arrow:   the exact distance from the centre of the arrow to the centre of peep


Please indicate the distances in metres ( ex. 0.84 m) or inches (ex 0,72 in) if you use english measure system. 


The box "Used fixed speed", select only in case you know the exact speed of you bow measured by a speed gun. If you have done so, please be free to select "Used fixed speed" and enter speed to filed bellow.  

In the next fields, the number of clicks per division and the elevation per click are indicated in inches.

The default values are supplied by the manufacturers for each type of sights but in case you do not agree with these values, you can easily change the value of the sight.

Then click on "Next step" 



Step 3: Sight marks


In the table, insert marks at least for 2 distances. The best result, you will get if you insert the marks for 20 meters (or yards) and 50 meters (or yards). In case, you would like to insert more marks for different distances you can do so.

The sight mark can be written as a decimal number (ex.24.5) or as a mark with the number of clicks (24+10).


Then click on "Next Step"




Step 4: Check measured marks  

Check if all your marks are visible on the graph curve. If any of the marks does not lay on the curve, it means the one of the reference marks was not measure correctly therefore you have to re-measure the marks for these distances (for 20m and 50m). 

 If all marks are shown on the graph curve you can continue by clicking on "Next step". 


Step 5: Print Sight Tape

On the following page, you can choose how many times you would like your sight tape to be printed and by what speed the other sight tapes should be printed. In case, the calculated speed does not much with the re-measured marks, you can also use tapes with higher or lower speed.

In the next options, you can set up if you want the color output of your tapes; on which side of the sight the tape should be placed and if you request to print the complete marks table.

Click on "Download Sight Tape" to download the already created sight tape.