In the top main menu, you can view a list of countries that have registered clubs and archers on the "Rcherz" website under the name "Countries" (the list will appear after clicking on "Countries").



Each country is flagged by its flag, below which the number of clubs and archers is displayed. You can click on the country or flag to see the profile of the country.


At the top of the screen, the map of the country is displayed with all locations of the registered clubs (in clusters).


Once you have clicked on the particular cluster, the map of the selected area will enlarge and the names of the club will be shown in the map.


If you click on a specific team, the official name and address of the  club  will appear on the screen. After you have clicked on the club, you can see the detailed information about the particular club.



On the right of the map, the list of organizations is displayed which gather the clubs in the particular country. Below the map is located the list of planned competitions in the country. If you click on the specific competition, the detailed information will appear and by clicking on "Participate in competition" you can easily sign up for the competition. 


Below the list of competitions, the list of all registered clubs is listed, which is categorized by region. By clicking on a particular club, you can see its detailed information.