Upload your photos


You can upload your photos by clicking on "Galleries" (in the menu located on the left side of the screen below the photo). Once you have clicked on "Galleries", a new option will appear "Click to upload new photos or drag and drop them here".

Uploading photos can be done as follows:

 1. By clicking on the option "Click to upload new photos or drag and drop them here". After you have clicked on the option, a new window will appear through which you can select a file from your computer which you would like to upload.

 2. You can move the file with your photo directly from another program through using the option "Drug and drop" and " Upload". Your file will be automatically uploaded .

The final version of the gallery is as follows:


By clicking on the photo, the content will enlarge. You can also change the name of the photo by using "Click to edit". Once you have edited the text, you can save it by pressing "Enter". 


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