Find your archery friends


You can search for friends through clicking on the button "Friends" (on the left side in the menu, below the photo). Once you have clicked on "Friends" a new page will open:



By clicking on the tab "Find", you can search for friends on "Rcherz".  You can enter the search parameters in the filter located on the left side of the screen. In the last step, you click on the archer you would like to add to your friends and you can start "following him".





After re-loading the page, the selected archer will appear in the tab "Following". Your friendship request will be waiting for the confirmation of the selected archer.


After the friendship requested is confirmed, the photo of your new friend will appear in the tab "Friends". From now on, you can track the profile and the results of your friends. You can also share your statuses and publish important announcements. 

You can also confirm your friendship requests by clicking on "Follow him too", which is found in the tab "Followers".


If you know other archers who have not yet registered to, you can invite them by clicking on the tab "Invite".


Once you have clicked on "Invite" a new window will appear, where you can write the email address of the person who you would like to invite and you can finish your invitation by clicking on "Send invitation". The invitation email will be send automatically with the link to