How to prepare data before sight tape printing?

To generate high quality sight tape, you will need to follow few simple steps. Please measure every parameter as accurate as possible - how good you will be during measuring will affect quality of your sight tape.

1. Measure bow parameters:
  • Peep To Sight - Distance from peep to sight in full draw
  • Peep To Arrow - Distance from peep to arrow in full draw
2. Get information about your sight:
  • Number of clicks per mark - e.g. Shibuya has 20 clicks per mark, CBE has 30 clicks per mark, etc.

  • Elevation of one click - e.g. Shibuya has 0.002080708, CBE has 0.002083333" per click.
    It is easy to measure it on your sight, simply measure distance between first and last mark and divide it by number of all marks and number of clicks per one mark. If you measured it in millimeters, convert this number to inches.
    IMPORTANT: Don't relay on information from manufacturer, because you will get incorrect sight tape!
    e.g. both CBE and Shibuya declares 0.002" per click, but in reality it is a bit bigger. If Shibuya has from first mark to the last mark 2000 clicks, error on your sight tape because of incorrect click size information you can get error of 77 clicks!!! What means on long distances 6-10 meters!!!
3. Sight Marks
To get precise sight tape for short distances (10m - 60m) you should measure marks minimum for 2 distances:
  • 20m and 50m (recommended)
   If you will want to get good sight tape for full range of distances, you will need 3 marks:
  • 20m, 50m and 90m
How good will be sight tape depends only on quality of your marks, so double check each mark multiple times.
If you will enter more marks in whole range of distances, we will fit your marks with best possible values.

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