Are there plans to support GNAS imperial rounds?

Nov 15, 2012
Chris Buckley wrote
Hi, I'm just having a look round your site having seen the ad in Bow International. Do you plan on supporting GNAS imperial indoor/outdoor rounds in terms of adding results? Many thanks.
3 Answers
Nov 17, 2012
Viktor Zeman agent wrote
Sure, if you will send me closer description of this format, we will add it to the database and you will be able to score also competitions of this format.

Could you please send me any source of information about this format?
Nov 17, 2012
Chris Buckley wrote
Hi Victor. I also put in the request as a new feature suggetsion and Miroslav responded at Sorry for the duplication - I'm still finding my way round your site.
Nov 17, 2012
Miroslav Bojcun agent wrote
Chris and how you enter your practice for Bray I round? Via mobile application or on computer? If via mobile what platform? I just try to find how happens that your practice occur in 1970.

Thanks for help