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sight tape

measuring peep to arrow- staight down to arrow shaft or out to the tip? 5

Indoor rounds

Hi, I'm new to the app and still trying to find my way around. Some help please: FAQ says app supports FITA 2x18m 3spot, but I can't find it anywhere? I can only find the 18m round (20ends/3arrows) with the full target face and can only find 1spot for the Vegas round (which only has 10ends/3arrows). Is there nothing 18m 3spot 20ends/3arrows?
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can you cancel my contact?

Hi, I am the President of the ASD ARCIERI ATLAHUA, Naples, Italy. I pray you to cancel the telephone numbers from the contacts to my society because we are having troubles with insane persons who call us to tease and menace. Thank you for the support, Rita Visone
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Results dońt appear.

New practice result from site or app don't appear in result page. Still can see it in app on any device but not on site. this bug was fixed already

Can you help please re sight marks

Trying to create new sight marks but using your wizard you ask for distances in Relation to peep to sight and peep to arrow. I shoot recurve so do not use a peep.However,if by peep you just mean my eye, what part of the sight do I measure to? (Site pin or end of horizontal bar) and equally where on the arrow do I measure to? The nock or the point?Many ThanksKen Prescott
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Fita 50m problem

Scuse to be so disturbing and scuse my english.Just to be sure you know the problem, fita 50m have bad target face and score.And just in same time, can you tell me if there a way to stream all new practice result on my and my friends stream, and to be notified of new result(by mail...)
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Sight tapes

I have been trying to create my first set of tapes. When I enter all the relevant information it creates a series of marks whoich correspond close enough to the actual marks I have obtained.However,when I try to print off sight tapes I am faced with a 25 page document where the sight marks are spread out roughly three to a pagevertically on A4. Can you help please? where am I going wrong?
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Are there plans to support GNAS imperial rounds?

Hi, I'm just having a look round your site having seen the ad in Bow International. Do you plan on supporting GNAS imperial indoor/outdoor rounds in terms of adding results? Many thanks.