Ranking calculation

How is your ranking calculated? / Explanation of ranking calculation:

Rcherz ranking is based on your results (score)in qualification round of competition. We separately calculate the ranking of an archer in his/her country and also his/her international ranking. We also calculate the ranking for a certain type of bow, gender and age category.

Since there are many different competitions (such as international, national, world ranking...), we have decided to focus on various parameters which enable archers to receive some points for their results.

The points are calculated according to the following algorithm:


  • the percentage result of an archer to the maximum possible points
  • the percentage result of the best archer of qualification to the maximum possible points
  • the average result of all participated archers in %
  • the number of archers - if there is a competition in the Rcherz system with less than 10 signed archers, we count with the 10 archers as the minimum.

Weight of parameters:

  • the results from the first year are calculated at 100%
  • the results from the second year are multiplied by 11/12 (1st month of the second year), 10/12 ( 2nd month of the second year)...1/12 (11th month of the second year) which means that the weight of the results will decrease month by month by 1/12 for each month

Type of competition (national / international):

If you participate in local competition of one country your results will only count to the ranking of the country you have participated in ( no international archers only local archers). But if you participate in an international competition ( there are archers at least from three countries) your points will be calculated and added to your international ranking.


          the final points of the archer = (the # of archers *10) * (result of the best shooter in %) * (result of the archer in %) * (the average result of all shooters in %)


  • a competition with 100 archers in certain category
  • the best score of an archer 705/720 = 97.91667%
  • your score 670/720 = 93.05555%
  • the average score of competition 660/720 = 91.666%

   your final points = 100 * 10 * 97.91667/100 * 93.05555/100 * 91.666/100 

   your final points = 835


Since we would like you to use all the possibilities/options on our website, we have decided to motivate you by adding one point to your ranking for each time you upload  your training results on Rcherz.com. 

Updating the ranking:

The ranking is calculated daily by adding all your points together for last 18 months. Through this process your ranking will update daily.