Archer profile


You profile page always displays the following information: 


The upper part of your screen shows the basic information such as your country, archery club, sex,  and your preferred bow.



Below the basic information is located a map which consists of 2 tabs. In the first tab, there are shown the competitions in which you intend to participate. In the second tab, you can find your last results from the competitions. If you click on the pointer on the map, the date and the name of the competition will appear. If you click on the name of the competition, you can view the competition in detail.  

In the upper part of the screen is the button "Edit" through which you can edit all of your profile information. 


You can share you photo and status also through "Submit field" which is located directly below the map. You can also view the statuses of your friends. 


On the right side in the box, you can find the following information:



Calendar displays all the competitions in which you intend to participate. In the box, the next 3 upcoming competitions are shown. Click on "All Events" to view all upcoming competitions. 



This option allows you to view all results from the competitions you have participated in. In the box, you can only find the results from last 3 competitions but by clicking on "See all results" you can see all your results even in your preferred type of chart.



It displays all of your friends on "Rcherz". Click on "All friends" to view all your friends. 



It displays all the photos you have uploaded to you gallery. Click on "See all photos" to view your gallery.



The box "Equipment" consists of 2 tabs. The first tab which comes under the name "Current" displays your current equipment. The second tab called "Past" displays all of your equipments which you have used in competitions and you have added to "Rcherz". 


You can view the same profile as you have by your friends. Beside their basic information you can follow them and see what competitions they are planning to attend or they have already participated in. You can also see their results, friends and their equipment. 


Once you have viewed your friend's profile, you can easily send him a message through the button "Send private message" which is located in the upper part of the screen instead of the button "Edit profile".  



Edit Archer profile


By clicking on "Edit Profile" you can add or edit the following information: 


Basic Information

Photos, Name, Date of Birth, E-mail address, Bow preferences, Password or Time zone in which you are usually situated.


Contact Information

In case you will win any prize, you can add or edit your mailing address at which you might receive your prize.


Link with Facebook

If you have already signed for Facebook, you can easily connect it with "Rcherz" without a new registration.



Club and Organization

You can change you club and add an organization in which you are registered. 


Permissions settings

By editing your permission setting you can control who can see your:        


·        Planned competition

·         Equipment

·         Status



 You can edit your notification preferences or turn them off . Once you have turned them off, you will not longer receive any notification via email.

Your Equipment

You can add, change and move your archery equipment,which you do not longer use, in the column "Past".



After you have edited all information, do not forget to save it by clicking on "Save".