Find competition


You can search for the competitions via the option "Competitions" which is located in the main menu ( on the top of the page, next to the "Rcherz" logo).



Once you have clicked on this option, a filter will appear with the parameters of the competition ( country, date, etc.). You can enter your desired parameters in the filter which you will confirm by clicking on "Search".


If you want to participate in a particular competition, you can click on "Participate in competition".



Once you have found the competition which you would like to participate in, you can specify the brand of your bow and arrows which you will use during the competition. You can also click on the button "Notify my friends" and "Add to my calendar". Your selected competition will automatically appear in your calendar, status, new feeds and it will be shown to your friends. Your name will be also automatically classified to the selected competition and you will become an official participant of the competition.



 Create new competition



If you want to create a new competition which is not listed in the list of competitions, you can simple click on the option "Create new competition".


In the following step, a form will appear where you fill out all the requested information on the planned competition.



After completing the form, click on "Add division" (in the lower left corner). Then a window will appear where you select required information (format, fees, sex, type of bow for selected format and age category). 


Then, add another division which will depend on how many formats and age categories will be in the competition. At the end, confirm your changes by pressing the button "Save". After you have pressed the button "Save", the competition will be added to the list of competitions and archers can join it.