How to enter the results? 

In the menu (on the left side of the screen) click on the first item called "Results"(located directly below the picture).




Once you have clicked on "Results" , a new page opens, where are 2 blue buttons entitled "Fill in missing results" and "Add practice results".


"Add missing results"

"Add practice results"





After you have clicked on "Add missing results", a list of competitions displays where you have not  yet enter the results. You can enter your results to the column " Final Results" (ex. 582, the number you have scored).



Once you have entered your results, you can also add the name of your bow and arrows which you have participated with. You can also choose your emoticon which will describe your satisfaction with your results.




If you want to enter the results in detail, you can click on "Add detail results",  and then expand your score cart where the first column has a maximum value of 10 for format FITA 2x18m.  



This value can be reduced by pressing the arrow down. Press the arrows in the right direction to move to the next boxFinally, you must click "Save" to save your changes.

If you want to add a specific competition, click on "Add missing competition." Then open the table to supplement the data in each column (in particular format). At the end, confirm your information about the competition by pressing " OK".


After the implementation of the provided steps, the competition will appear in the list of competitions (it will be marked with pink shading and automatically classified according to the date of competition).



Another procedure is identical with the previous process.

If you want to insert the training results, click on "Add practice results", then fill out the time, format and proceed as well as by filling out the results in detail.






The check of your results can be done in two ways:

1. By clicking on "Results" in the menu ( on the left side below the photo)

2.   2. By clicking on the link "Check your results in the chart", which is located below the list of competitions where you have entered the results.




Your chart might look like as follows:



The general view of the chart shows the ratio of all your achievements to the full number (in percentage).


You are free to select the format of your chart according to your own preferences by using the pop-up menu (on the top of the screen). As follows, the points will be showed on the Y-axis and the date on the X-axis.


The chart allows you to view the results of competition and training. The chart will appear after you have selected the option and  by clicking on an option at the top of the screen (next to the pop-up menu) as follows: Click on "Display practice results", it will show the results from the training,  then click on "Display competition results" and it will show you the results from the competition.

You can compare you performace in the pie-chart, which are located below the central chart.